Our Goal

Save a REEF

FEED a Village

Adventure Seeking  Tourists Required

  • Help rebuild typhoon resistant structures

  • Help local communities monitor corals and wildlife including giant clams and turtles

  • Help transfer living corals to a new environment

  • Contribute to local sustainable living

  • Help build a lab to grow corals, turtles, clams and education station

  • Work with local biologists and NGO

What’s in it for us travelers?

As you help out, you will learn about corals, encounter new cultures, build long-term coral structures that withstand typhoons, bring fish back to coastal communities, help invigorate the corals, monitor corals and the wildlife that surrounds them. It’s a slow process, but we can do it a step at a time.

Why do corals need you?

Corals are the “Amazon” of the ocean. 1SQ km of healthy corals can sustain up to 500 people. The Philippines, with over 22,450km of coastal reef can feed as many as 11 million people.
Unfortunately, growing populations, lack of education and the “not my problem” attitude has created an environment of unsustainable damage. Even coastal communities that depend on the fish for survival are probably their own worst enemy by using dynamite, cyanide, drag nets and polluting and destroying the very waters and corals that feed them.

Contributing talent and time

The simple costs of a beach vacation can make the work of difference for the coastal region and the corals.
For a few hours a day during the week of your stay, you will be transforming an undersea environment.
The rest of your vacation can be spent pursuing some of the hundreds of available adventures in more than 7100 islands; exploring beaches, live volcanoes, majestic waterfalls, jungle trekking are just a few of your options.

How KISS Coral gets involved?

KISS Corals Philippines is working with coastal communities and universities by bringing together the tools and people need to create a better environment

Participating in the KISS Coral projects is a great way to travel in exotic parts of the Philippines and leave behind a better place making a real difference in the lives of local people.


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