Floating Cottage for solar Panels

Presently, we are preparing a cottage that will be outfitted with Solar panels on the roof, 3 sets of batteries and controllers to deliver power to the 5 deep (18meters) domes already installed.

Here too we need help in construction and purchasing of materials.

floating cottage 2

After the floats are added, they are tied solidly to the platform

floating cottage 3

The platform will be fitted with 3 massive deep cycle batteries specially designed for the solar panels.

These will be attached to voltage controllers and solar panels.

floating cottage 4

Eventually…this is the whole process in one picture except instead of a buoy, we will have a floating cottage with glass bottom so even non divers will be able to see the progress


floating cottage 5

Then, weather permitting, the whole cottage will be floated over the existing 5 domes and connected.